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Welcome to My Social Edge!
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We empower the next generation with life-long tools to live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life!

Identify Emotions

Regulate Emotions


Growth Mindset


Higher EQ leads kids to...

  • Having a positive, growth mindset
  • Being self-motivated and inspiring others
  • Developing higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Experiencing less stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Doing better in school and exhibiting greater creativity
  • Having meaningful relationships with family and friends

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Dr. Amita Roy

About the Founder

Dr. Amita Roy Shah is passionate about the social, emotional, and cultural well-being of children. Currently, she is a Professor at San Jose State University in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development and has been teaching there since 2011. She received her Doctorate (Ed.D.) from Teachers College, Columbia University in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching and her Masters from Pepperdine University. She also has professional experiences as a teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and as a curriculum designer and consultant for various educational publishing firms.

What our Happy Parents Say

When I first heard about “Brain-Based Emotional Intelligence For Kids” I was really excited. This is a fascinating topic and I wish I was introduced to it early on in my life. This is a great opportunity for kids to get introduced to this very important topic through creative and fun hands-on activities. My son just finished his summer session with Dr. Amita Roy Shah and he loved every bit of it. Starting with the topic, every session is well planned with creative activities that kids can learn from and enjoy at the same time. I already see my son talking about the concepts he learned and benefiting from them. Great initiative, Dr. Amita Roy Shah and thank you for the wonderful experience!

Pooja Thacker, Milpitas, CA

Pooja Thacker, Milpitas, CA

My daughter Aliya looked forward to this class every week! Dr. Shah did a great job of having the kids learn interesting topics (e.g., subconscious mind) and do interactive, hands-on activities for each class session. This class has helped her develop life-long skills! She now understands why it’s important to get a snack when she is hungry and has a cool-down routine in place for when she gets upset! She is also motivated to pursue her goals because of her vision board J

Nimita Patel, Orange, CA

Nimita Patel, Orange, CA

Dr. Shah- What you have taught them is very powerful, which will help them throughout their life. Thank you for what you do — for making a difference in children’s lives.

Juliet Punzalan

Dublin, CA

This is a fascinating program about the brain and easily help children make connections between how the brain and mind are connected! I love that they played an “Amygdala Hijack” card game. The situations in the card game are realistic and ones that my kids have actually encountered! Now they know exactly what strategies to use when they encounter these types of situations again!

Ruchi Kamra

Founder Nizzy Natural

Incredible resource for raising emotionally intelligent kids in today’s world! Lots of fun activities that not only build the child’s knowledge and skills, but also helps to build stronger bonds between parent and child. I highly recommend!

Ria Sengupta

Educational Policy Advocate

This was a useful and practical class for my 5th graders. They learned about topics that are typically not covered in our school curriculum. For example, the children learned how their subconscious works and how limiting beliefs may be holding them back from reaching their goals. They learned how to identify their health, family, skill, and personal goals through an exercise that taught them about the Power of Vision boards. They also learned about real-life failed successes that they could relate to (e.g., Michael Jordan) and were taught hands-on strategies that would help them overcome their limiting beliefs. The students also looked forward to the games (e.g., Social Edge Taboo), which reinforced important topics from the lessons.

Mrs. Kim

5th Grade Teacher, John Green

My 5th graders learned critical intra-personal skills that will help them as they transition to middle school. The students learned what happens to their bodies and minds when they are experiencing an “amygdala hijack” or a flight-or-fight response to a perceived threat. They learned ways to help keep their amygdala calm —and they learned several strategies to use if they were in an amygdala hijack. They also had a chance to apply the strategies through an interactive card came that used real-life scenarios. The students were engaged and eager to learn more about their anatomy, physiology, and emotional reactions. Indeed, they will use these techniques going forward.

Mrs. Currin

5th Grade Teacher, John Green

The kindergarteners really enjoyed this introductory brain-based mindfulness session! The class easily picked up on the brain-based concepts because the lesson used emoticons and icons to introduce them to their brain. The children learned several strategies for when they were experiencing an amygdala hijack. They learned how to use a mind jar while practicing deep-breathing. They also learned how to become more self-aware of their own thoughts and feeling by drawing out their mind bubbles. As a kindergarten teacher, I enjoyed the focus on emotional-regulation because this is a critical skill for kindergartners who are just starting school.

Mrs. Voyce

Kindergarten Teacher, John Green

Thank you, Dr. Shah. And on the theme of gratefulness, my husband and I are really grateful for this class and for the strategies that you have shared with our son, Will, in the class. I wish this kind of social-emotional education could be part of every classroom, but until it is, I’m so glad that you offered this class. The resources shared with parents were very helpful too.

Caitlin Stanton

Dublin Resident

My son was in this class and learned a tremendous amount of useful information about the brain and his emotions. After the first class, he came home and said “Did you know that the front part of your brain (i.e. prefrontal cortex) actually stops making good decisions when your emotions are high (i.e. amygdala!” The connections that were made in this class have helped him recover from stressful situations quickly. I have also noticed him using the strategies and techniques that were taught in this class (e.g. mind jar, deep- breathing) when he was feeling upset or down. I am so glad classes like this is being offered. I feel that teaching about emotional intelligence (EQ) is more critical than IQ in the workplace today.

Ritu Nischal

Dublin Resident

My daughter really took to the neuroscience terminology and concepts that were offered in this class. She was so inspired to do more research on the brain after she learned about the amygdala, hippocampus and the pre-frontal cortex. She was fascinated to know that the amygdala hijack could actually occur. When she was running for student council secretary, she had to give you a speech in front of the whole school. At that time, she recognized that her amygdala/emotions were high, and she was able to use techniques she learned in this class to stay calm while giving a confident speech.

Avanti Kulkarni

Dublin Resident

Eyana loved the class. She really enjoyed making the emotions jar. I think the class helped her with developing a tool kit to use. I hope she remembers to use the strategies that were taught. The parent letters after each class helped me gain an understanding of what was taught and how it would help my daughter. I also think it will be helpful for parents to get an opportunity to learn more about how to help their kids with the strategies that are taught in the class by having an extension class or workshop that is just for parents.

Shilpani Perera

Dublin Resident

This is a fun, engaging, interactive way to teach children emotional intelligence. Dr. Amita’s creative exercises and colorful pages bring the concepts to life. It is extremely valuable to teach children how to manage their own emotions and thoughts, and to practice honing their EQ skills at a young age. As an educator, I highly recommend Brain-Based EQ for Kids!

Amy Do

Founder of Cortex Education

I am so glad I had my son enrolled in this class! I am amazed at how quickly he absorbed the concepts that were taught and re-enforced through the various games and activities in class. After only the first few classes, I clearly noticed a change in his coping and communication skills. He was able to identify and communicate his feelings better, and had shorter and less severe meltdowns. I couldn’t believe that a few classes could make such a difference!

Thank you for taking the extra effort to send parents an email after each class and explain in detail the topics that had been taught to the kids that day. This was so useful to me as it not only gave me an understanding of what my son was learning that day but also gave me a chance to re-enforce these learnings at home. Thank you again for your wonderful class! 

Eva Petrova-Ibarria

Dublin Resident

My daughter and son were a part of this cutting-edge course! I am so glad the Social Edge is being offered in our community. We don’t have very many classes like this. The instructor teaches kids “Secret Strategies” for each lesson. These “Secret Strategies” are so valuable for kids to use in their personal lives today— as well as in their professional lives later on in life. I also enjoyed receiving the letters after each lesson. I was well-aware of what was taught and was given specific tips on how to continue practicing these social and emotional critical skills at home.

Payal Thakore

Dublin Resident

It was a wonderful experience and helped my son Ethan better understand how the human brain controls emotions when he is mad, happy, sad, excited, etc. Your classes allowed him to gain control of his emotions in a shorter time. These classes were incredibly beneficial to him. Your advice and lessons have been tremendously helpful throughout these past few months. As a parent, I received great suggestions to talk to and understand my son even more.

Lois Wong

Dublin Resident

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